...ta? (ubiquitusether) wrote in roguebrothers,

We have a problem.

There's a leak in the circle of elders and it has been pinpointed. I'll take care of my end using my combat unit. Kamishadi are needed for various things.

Also, the attempts that have already been made -- we found the source, Armin. We're takin him out. Don't worry about that.

However, these lost souls must indeed be found. Also -- we've got more info. For the first time in rogue history, we have a properly clarified adept situation. Pandora, a former adept, has chosen to permanently take refuge with our brotherhood, which is quite agreeable. Furthermore -- she was not at fault for what happened between Blaze and herself. Blaze was at fault -- she has been promoted in stead of punished. Seth, a kamishadi councilman, has also reached a point in which he has asked for my permission to create a second council, similar to the council of elders. This second council is more like a community of no more than 5 others who are able to think as the elders do, but exist with normal rank and title within the brotherhood.

This second council works as our first and last line of defense for the elder's circle, stating that they are similar to our high guard. So far this council has already been used to pinpoint the leak inside the circle of elders. They will be used for intelligence, defense, attack, and anything welse we find necessary, and they are completely loyal not to me or any set elder, but the elder's circle. The only connection they will have to the elders is through whoever leads the combat unit and acts as the XO of our brotherhood.

I have approved this operation after many doubts and many conversations with Seth. We now have backup.
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