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A note to all elders

I, counselor Alastrine, am very much interested in teaching the languages of French and Spanish to the Rogues; Sakal caste especially. I request permission from the elders to set up a system independently; via my email in order to send lessons, quizzes,homework and tests.

Here is my plan:
All interested Mastigrates, Castmen, and Brothers can feel free to contact me via my crystalperception account:
( )
On their most commonly used emails.I will then log their addresses under 2 groups, one for French, one for Spanish and make up daily lessons to be mailed out to them. I will break up the week into A and B days, giving Saturday and Sunday as rest days.A days will be my French classes, and B days will be for Spanish.

IT WILL BE MANDITORY FOR ALL INTERESTED ROGUES TO CHECK THEIR EMAIL DAILY AND SEND THEIR ASSIGNMENTS BACK TO ME in order to be corrected and for credit to be given where it is due. Perhaps we should think about a reward system for those who complete their course? Maybe they can earn .25 credits towards advancing their rank based on overall performance?? that is up to you. but i would like to get this started ASAP.

Alastrine Sakal Counselor
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