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Well I've a few things to write on here.

For one, Armin is hereby promoted to sakal elder. Vendetta shall take his place. Also, Borjan takes the status of Kamishadi elder- and we've a few new things to introduce. For one, our fully functional site will be finished by the 23rd of October. For two, elders -- you guys better get your training documentation written for the basic teachings of your caste -- There will be a training section for the recruits...

What else...

Ah yes. A new rank has been added between the castman and the councilman. The new rank is called Magistrate. Magistrates will be in charge of the castmen. Brothers are now to be cadets in training. Castmen know all that is required of them. They may take all the students they want to at a time. The magistrate is in charge of a squad of castmen. The councilmen will control the magistrates. Now we have a hierarchy big enough for everyone to fit when we get huge. *yawn*

Okay I'm good.
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Because some of the more adopted rogues may get a better understanding of where would fit in.

A hierarchy doens't have to be big. Just organized.
actually --

It does need to be big. We had a potential problem. The councilmen were soon to end up with too many rogues to take care of on their own. Now we have magistrates that are in charge of squads. :)
Ah, I see. Still organization helps out immensly. At least it did ages ago.
Mind the rogues were not as big as they are now.

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