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You were looking for us...

...And you've arrived.

2/5/09 03:24 am - theobligron

Disregard the final order. It's a free world.

- FS Armin

4/1/05 12:12 pm - theobligron

By order of the Seer and the High Council, the Brotherhood of the Rogues is officially disbanded. Former members, goodluck on your paths through life. Remember that peace can only be attained by a peaceful mind.

-Elder Armin
Elder of the Saakal

3/9/05 10:25 am - ubiquitusether - We have a problem.

There's a leak in the circle of elders and it has been pinpointed. I'll take care of my end using my combat unit. Kamishadi are needed for various things.

Also, the attempts that have already been made -- we found the source, Armin. We're takin him out. Don't worry about that.

However, these lost souls must indeed be found. Also -- we've got more info. For the first time in rogue history, we have a properly clarified adept situation. Pandora, a former adept, has chosen to permanently take refuge with our brotherhood, which is quite agreeable. Furthermore -- she was not at fault for what happened between Blaze and herself. Blaze was at fault -- she has been promoted in stead of punished. Seth, a kamishadi councilman, has also reached a point in which he has asked for my permission to create a second council, similar to the council of elders. This second council is more like a community of no more than 5 others who are able to think as the elders do, but exist with normal rank and title within the brotherhood.

This second council works as our first and last line of defense for the elder's circle, stating that they are similar to our high guard. So far this council has already been used to pinpoint the leak inside the circle of elders. They will be used for intelligence, defense, attack, and anything welse we find necessary, and they are completely loyal not to me or any set elder, but the elder's circle. The only connection they will have to the elders is through whoever leads the combat unit and acts as the XO of our brotherhood.

I have approved this operation after many doubts and many conversations with Seth. We now have backup.

12/7/04 11:02 pm - theobligron

the world awakens and prepares. while our numbers grow, the enemy moves. already, they have made attempts. meanwhile, the people feel lost and alone. they desire a cause. find these lost souls, my brothers.

10/27/04 11:25 am - ubiquitusether - Council

Well, brethren,

The council had assembled and is now complete. The vote was taken, the trio is filled. Armin, send out that information for me and ryo, if you don't mind.

I guess that's all... *yawn*

10/17/04 02:40 pm - xsplitxspiritx - A note to all elders

I, counselor Alastrine, am very much interested in teaching the languages of French and Spanish to the Rogues; Sakal caste especially. I request permission from the elders to set up a system independently; via my email in order to send lessons, quizzes,homework and tests.

Here is my plan:
All interested Mastigrates, Castmen, and Brothers can feel free to contact me via my crystalperception account:
( Alastrine@crystalperception.com )
On their most commonly used emails.I will then log their addresses under 2 groups, one for French, one for Spanish and make up daily lessons to be mailed out to them. I will break up the week into A and B days, giving Saturday and Sunday as rest days.A days will be my French classes, and B days will be for Spanish.

IT WILL BE MANDITORY FOR ALL INTERESTED ROGUES TO CHECK THEIR EMAIL DAILY AND SEND THEIR ASSIGNMENTS BACK TO ME in order to be corrected and for credit to be given where it is due. Perhaps we should think about a reward system for those who complete their course? Maybe they can earn .25 credits towards advancing their rank based on overall performance?? that is up to you. but i would like to get this started ASAP.

Alastrine Sakal Counselor

10/10/04 03:15 pm - ubiquitusether - ...

Talked to Stag today.

Reinstated his rank since we identified the snitch and it wasn't him. He was happy about it I guess. He's been feeling well too.

That's all.

10/6/04 01:52 pm - ubiquitusether - ^.^

Alright. Another thing. Identified the security leak.

Og'f gva ina xnijn ef Sidx... Ri nigvont lag -- jeog sid zl idrad.

Also --

Elders, its time to vote for the seer. Do not cast your vote on here, we will organize a council later. The three to choose from are Armin, myself, and Ryo.

10/5/04 08:36 am - ubiquitusether - O.o;;

One more thing.

From here on out -- resource caste:

Your mission is two things. You will gather intelligence on said problems -- and you will gather intelligence on adepts. I'm sure you have friends with troubled homes. Give us a heads up when they make the decision to go adept -- they can be helped by us if you'll do that. Thanks.

9/30/04 03:29 pm - ubiquitusether - *smirk*

Well I've a few things to write on here.

For one, Armin is hereby promoted to sakal elder. Vendetta shall take his place. Also, Borjan takes the status of Kamishadi elder- and we've a few new things to introduce. For one, our fully functional site will be finished by the 23rd of October. For two, elders -- you guys better get your training documentation written for the basic teachings of your caste -- There will be a training section for the recruits...

What else...

Ah yes. A new rank has been added between the castman and the councilman. The new rank is called Magistrate. Magistrates will be in charge of the castmen. Brothers are now to be cadets in training. Castmen know all that is required of them. They may take all the students they want to at a time. The magistrate is in charge of a squad of castmen. The councilmen will control the magistrates. Now we have a hierarchy big enough for everyone to fit when we get huge. *yawn*

Okay I'm good.
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