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9/18/04 08:35 pm - theobligron

so, oh my brothers, what say you over the record-breaking string of hurricanes bombarding the east coast this season?

9/17/04 03:58 pm - xsplitxspiritx

You in your hate, created me. They in their pain have destroyed me, and out of the ashes, I will set you ablaze in amber flames, I will laugh at you in defeat.
_ Alastrine*

9/17/04 03:09 pm - xsplitxspiritx - Just a random post.

I am like the only person posting in here, but my intuition has been off the wall lately.. Premonitions like mad. What is funny, I can relate it all to this war, The future, what it will all lead to. I see things in my dreams, symbols in a recent vision, things on tv.. and they jog these memories, or flash forwards.. its so strange.But I am happy to have found a possible purpose to us all. I will write all my interactions and thoughts, intuitive insights and all of these "premonitions" down for the future to refer to.. so they will know who was there. Brothers, I will not rest in peace until our story is told.
_ Alastrine

8/23/04 11:59 pm - ubiquitusether - Ah. There we go.

I got it all set up tonight. *yawn*

Alright, have fun everyone.
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